North Eastern Regional Institute of Science (NERIST)

The North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology was setup by the Government of India, initially as a project of the North Eastern council, for providing a system of Education to create technical manpower at various levels for the development of the North Eastern Region of the country. NERIST came into existence as a unique institute of its kind in the country having unconventional and innovative academic programs.

  • The Institute's prime need was to have a high performance, secure network structure that will also allow users to roam seamlessly throughout the campus.
  • The challenge was to cover the campus through highly scalable, resilient and easily manageable wired as well as wireless data network as the Institute was recently having a very haphazard infrastructure.
  • The architecture has been designed in a hierarchy of core layer, distribution layer & edge layer.
  • VLAN concept has been used to provide security & fluidity in the internal LAN. The network is swapping information on a 10G ready core switch and hence has the flexibility in migrating to upcoming new technologies without having need to change the existing devices.
  • NORTEL's Wireless Access Points, which has wide coverage area, have been used to provide coverage throughout the campus. This has also given the ease of mobility to the wireless users thus making them to surf & share data in the campus.
  • The network's security is being maintained by Threat Protection System & Firewall, which are collectively showing good efforts to save users from malicious activities.
  • Faster, simpler, scalable solution delivering wired speed performance.
  • Cost effective yet reliable at the user level, thus showing satisfactory results.
  • AAA has been used for wireless users making this network safe from unauthorized access by external elements.

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