Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.

The Challenges/Objectives and Needs:

MCL has a geographically wide spread area in the radius of 200 Kms. in the coastal state of Orissa. The clients wanted to establish a converged network to connect all its Area Offices, Headquarter, Project Offices, Stores and Weigh Bridges. MCL already had an existing voice infrastructure which was like isolated islands. MCL desired to integrate its existing voice infrastructure with a new IP based network while utilizing its existing investments.

Intec deployed a state of art solution wherein wired, wireless and long distance leased lines were deployed to integrate the complete network. CWDM has been implemented for longer distances connectivity over the single mode fiber.

Fully redundant communication servers were deployed at the Headquarter with stand alone units at the nodal points. This ensures that all the nodal points are able to communicate locally in case of WAN link failure. Existing voice infrastructure was integrated into the network using analog voice gateways.

The project involves 70 km of Single Mode fiber Cable, 500 no of IP voice ports, 250 no of gigabit ports, 18 nos. of CWDM ports and 1,550 no of fast Ethernet ports, integration of existing 150 no of TDM ports

  • Performance of the complete network to ensure wire-speed operation of all features on all platforms
  • Highly reliable voice infrastructure with redundancies and resilience in case of link failure
  • Better and easy manageability of the complete network from a central site
  • Integration with existing voice infrastructure and corresponding saving of invested capital

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