Jabalpur Engineering College

Jabalpur is a cradle of education in India. It has a number of universities under which many premier institutes of science and technology has gained prominence. Most prominent among them is Jabalpur Engineering College, founded in 1947 as Government Engineering College, even before the formation of present Madhya Pradesh. At present, this college is having seven under graduate and thirteen post graduate courses. The college is now affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal.

The college is situated in the Ranjhi suburbs of Jabalpur in a 250 acre lush green campus adjoining the beautiful Robertson lake. It is easily accessible from the Jabalpur railway station and bus stand by public transport mediums( buses, tempos etc.). Jabalpur city is refreshingly quite with opulent lush green covered dotting its entire landscape.

  • Needing greater bandwidth and network speed to increase productivity.
  • Despite its prominent status in Jabalpur, Jabalpur Engineering College's ageing buildings and network infrastructure were inhibiting the level of service delivered to both staff and students. When an opportunity arose, college administration decided for a brand new, highly innovative Network for its students that would include a comprehensive and extremely flexible fixed and wireless converged network.
  • The college required a robust, highly scalable, manageable network and reliable wireless LAN capabilities
  • Suitable and efficiently designed network hierarchy of intelligent and manageable, high performance network devices have been implemented at the campus successfully.
  • High end routing switches along with IP telephony platform has been integrated herein that is providing a reliable and efficient converged voice-data network capable of supporting intensive applications including video and IP telephony
  • The campus wide network has been segmented through implementing different VLANs and made the overall internal communication possible through inter VLAN routing
  • Wireless Mesh technology has been implemented successfully herein to provide robust connectivity among wireless users while at the same time negating the cabling tasks making the users mobile.
  • Nortel's Network Management Software with its vast extensive features is installed and configured according to the needs and it is helping to manage the network easily in a user friendly manner.
  • A platform for greater innovation, giving the College great communications potential through a variety of new technologies, from VOIP over the Wireless Mesh network which is the first ever solution in Asia
  • Through the faster network students can move around the large files associated with graphic design and animation and teachers can access the college's growing library.
  • The IP telephones provide a tremendous improvement in efficiency and privacy of the network.
  • Rigorous security enabling administrators to block threats at the network edge and secure all access.
  • Future-ready infrastructure enabling the college to take full advantage of hyper connectivity applications.
  • Through network management software the campus wide network is being monitored constantly by the experienced network administrators.

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